2016 "Stories from the Past"

We are excited to present our newest film in the "Stories from the Past" docuseries. With this film, we are reminded of our community's diverse history and heritage, and how the sharing of long-time residents' personal stories helps us all strengthen our connection and sense of belonging to the place we call home. 


Over the course of researching, planning and filming "Stories from the Past" 2020, we got to know a wonderful group of Morgan Hill and San Martin residents whose families immigrated here from the eastern US, the UK, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Portugal, Japan and the Philippines. We were humbled by stories of people who ventured forth, took risks and sacrificed for their families to build fruitful lives. Some dedicated themselves to a singular pursuit, others reinvented themselves in response to an ever-changing world. 


The common thread that runs through "Stories from the Past" 2020 is the lasting legacy created by people whose determination, resourcefulness, resilience, community-mindedness and ability to "take the long view" in life will continue to benefit present and future generations. We hope you enjoy the film!  


Our 2016 interviewees:

Jim Alter.jpg

Jim Alter

Ruth Alter Johnson.jpg

Ruth Alter Johnson

Dorothy Bryan Tykol.jpg

Dorothy Bryan Tykol

Margaret Johnston.jpg

Margaret Johnson

Steven Burt Malech.jpg

Steven Burt Malech

Jean Skeels Pinard.jpg

Jean Skeels Pinard

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