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2017 "Stories from the Past"

It was an honor to capture stories of people who are part of the Greatest Generation . . . they came of age during the Depression and World War II when immigrant families arrived in the Valley of Heart’s Delight to establish farms, ranches, churches, markets and community halls from the ground up.
The Mariani's have produced some of Santa Clara Valley's most delicious stone fruits, sold all over the world. The Hanamoto's grew berries for Driscoll Farms and on their own farm in Madrone where they built their first home. Jim Trifilo collected eggs on his father's chicken farm, earned a good living as a machinist, and took his wife dancing at the Friendly Inn. Mary Malech told how her dad founded Hale Lumber, her mom helped establish the first kindergarten,
News came by radio, refrigerators had no freezers, and sock hops were the trend. Anita Kell Mason spoke of her family's campground, her years in 4H and horseback riding in junior rodeos, working as a realtor, and photographing landscapes from Morgan Hill to Africa.
Each has lived through major social and cultural shifts, and give...

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Andy Mariani


Mitchell Mariani


Victoria Mariani-Bondi

Laura- Hanamoto.jpg

Laura Hanamoto


Riuji Hanamoto


Jim Trifilo


Mary Malech


Anita Kell-Mason

Filmmaker Team

Robin Shepherd RS.jpeg

Robin Shepherd,

Writer, Director and Producer

Selah Productions


Nils Myers, Cinematographer

and Film Editor

152 West Productions

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