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Living History Field Trips

For Grades 3-5 in Morgan Hill Unified School District

The Morgan Hill Historical Society, in cooperation with the Morgan Hill Unified School District, has developed “Living History” Field Trips for Grades 3-5 in the Morgan Hill area. This hands-on educational experience takes students through three stations on the historic Villa Mira Monte property in Morgan Hill.

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1) At the Hiram Morgan Hill House, students will act as historians as they look for clues about the residence during their tour. They will prepare butter and sweets for a formal tea, receive an invitation to the tea, prepare calling cards, and then come calling with hats (boys) and gloves (girls) to learn the social graces of the day.

2) In the Museum, students examine artifacts and learn about Native American and settler life in Morgan Hill. In the research room, older grades use museum gloves to look at historic postcards, analyze them for clues about their writers, and create their own Morgan Hill postcard. Younger grades write their own origin story and make a tribal insignia.

3) The Centennial History Trail is an outside venue with a spiral walkway that takes students through events in Morgan Hill’s history while at the same time incorporating world history. A scavenger hunt adds to the learning experience for this history lesson. Students then draw something related to their visit on a mural of the Hiram Morgan Hill House at Villa Mira Monte, which goes back to school with them. They make toys and participate in fun activities typical in an era with no TV, computers, cell phones, iPods, and plastic toys. Lunch on the veranda and games on the lawn complete this special visit.


Living History Field Trip Teacher Guidelines

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