Native American Garden at Villa Mira Monte

With the support of the Morgan Hill Historical Society Board of Directors, Kathy Chavez Napoli and Kathy Devine wrote a grant to fund the establishment of a native garden at the Villa Mira Monte. This effort expands the experiences of students who visit during the annual school field trips to the Morgan Hill House, Morgan Hill Museum, and the Centennial History Trail. 


This is an effort to honor, and demonstrate how the land was used by the Native Americans of the Morgan Hill area long before Spanish and Mexican settlers arrived.  With encouragement from the Bay Area Open Space Council, the Amah Mutsun tribe and community members, the native garden, when completed, will contain grasses, bushes and fruit that were used by the Amah Mutsun native Americans for food, medicinal purposes, basket weaving, hunting and fishing. 

The plants are growing at the Villa Mira Monte entrance, near and around the museum. 

Deer Grass was used for basket weaving

Soap Root was used for medicine, glue, fishing and hunting

Visit Villa Mira Monte:

17860 Monterey Road

P. O. Box 1258

Morgan Hill, CA 95038-1258

Museum Hours:

Fridays:   1:00-3:00

Saturdays:  10:00-1:00