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Morgan Hill House

Listed in the National Register of Historic Places, the Morgan Hill House at 

Villa Mira Monte is an elegant and unique historic home,  incorporating 

features of Queen Anne and Eastlake/Stick designs. Hiram Morgan Hill

built the house for his bride, Diana Murphy Hill in the 1880s. The Hill’s

“country cottage” sits on what was a rancho inherited from Diana’s father

Daniel Murphy, a parcel of land that overlooks prominent “Murphy’s Peak,”

now known as El Toro.


History and Timeline

1884 - 1886

1886 - 1894

1894 - 1912

1912 - 1919

Villa Mira Monte is constructed.

Morgan and Diana Hill reside at Villa Mira Monte.

The Hills travel extensively and only occasionally visit the house.

Villa Mira Monte is rented and occupied by the Hale, Higgins, Holly and other families until it is sold in 1919.

1919 - 1939

Raymond and Mary Costa purchase Villa Mira Monte and it becomes home for them and their seven children.

Sometime between 1933 and 1934, it is believed that John C. Lane planned to purchase the house for use as a funeral home, and he was allowed to remove the central fireplace. However, this plan ended when Mr. Lane died in 1935. The Costas maintained ownership of the property until it was purchased by the Walgrens in 1939.


1961 - 1985









Paul and Adelaide Walgren purchase the house.

The Walgrens operate the house as Homestead Antique Shop.

Villa Mira Monte is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Mr. Walgren dies and the house is willed to the Lions Eye Foundation of California-Nevada under a Living Trust for his wife.

Mrs. Walgren dies and the house comes under the ownership of the Lions Eye Foundation of California-Nevada.

House is deeded to the City of Morgan Hill.

House is purchased by the Morgan Hill Historical Society for one dollar with the promise to stop the deterioration within five years. Financial assistance for the renovation includes a grant from the Santa Clara County Parks Department and funding from the City of Morgan Hill Redevelopment Agency.

The first event is held at the newly renovated house. On June 20th, Mayor Dennis Kennedy and his wife Eileen have their wedding reception at the house.

The Morgan Hill Museum is moved to Villa Mira Monte.

The Centennial History Trail is constructed at Villa Mira Monte to commemorate the City's centennial birthday.

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