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Our Mission:

To preserve and share the history of Morgan Hill, and its environs, to inspire a sense of community.

The Morgan Hill Historical Society (MHHS) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, organization established to collect, conserve, interpret and exhibit artifacts and other items associated with the history of Morgan Hill and its environs. We serve as a repository for archival materials to develop educational interest and promote the preservation of sites, landmarks and other historical objects within the community.

Established and incorporated in 1971, the first major project of the Society in 1980 was to relocate and rehabilitate the 1911 Acton House, which was donated to the city for use as a community museum. Today the Society owns, operates and maintains the 2.5-acre site known as Villa Mira Monte. The site includes the Morgan Hill Museum (Acton House moved to site), Hiram Morgan Hill House (original site), Centennial History Trail and beautiful Rose Gardens. Villa Mira Monte is the only site in Morgan Hill that is listed on the Registry of National Historic Landmarks. As Morgan Hill's "Central Park," it is a major community attraction, a place where our community can celebrate its past.

Position Statement Supporting Ethnic and Social Justice

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