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2022 "Stories from the Past"

We’re back with the 9th year of Stories from the Past, our cinematic journey through local history!  Capturing the experiences of past and present-day community members on camera deepens our shared connection to the place we call home and preserves our history for the benefit of future generations.

In producing "Stories from the Past" 2022, we had the opportunity to spend time with members of the Guglielmo, Leonetti-Caruso, Benz, Christopher, Britton-Gunter, and Adams families. Some stories reach back through five generations of history in Morgan Hill and San Martin. 

We blended stories of immigrants who left their native countries of Italy, Germany, England, Ireland, Hungary, Austria, New Zealand and Mexico to settle in California. Hard work, resourcefulness and resilience were common themes for men and women who started with little more than the desire to build a good life, provide for the family, and be a good neighbor. There was a shared appreciation for childhood years spent on ranch and farm lands where daily chores were balanced with the freedom to roam and time to play. These families established businesses and served their communities, creating a legacy for their descendants.


Stories from the Past 2022 was funded by a generous grant from the County of Santa Clara Historic Grant Program. 

Our 2022 interviewees:

Wally Adams

Chery Benz Kern

Mary Lou Britton Gunter

Lorraine Leonetti Caruso

Gene Guglielmo

George Guglielmo

Daniel Mark Benz

Karen Kay


Morgan Hill Historical Society board members Roger Knopf and Kathy Sullivan present Distinguished Documentary Filmmaker awards to Robin Shepherd, Director/Producer; and Nils Myers, Cinematographer/Film Editor for their work on Stories from the Past, now in its ninth year of production.

"We are grateful to Santa Clara County and Board Supervisor/President Mike Wasserman for your vision, encouragement and generous support of our Stories from the Past docuseries (2020-2022). Your commitment to historic preservation enabled our filmmakers, Robin Shepherd and Nils Myers, to keep our program vibrant and productive through the COVID pandemic."

Filmmaker Team

Robin Shepherd RS.jpeg

Robin Shepherd,

Writer, Director and Producer

Selah Productions


Nils Myers, Cinematographer

and Film Editor

152 West Productions

Bobby Kwong.jpg

Bobby Kwong

Camera Assistant

Special thanks to Angelia Guglielmo and Cristina Guglielmo-Maggetti

Angelia Guglielmo

Cristina Guglielmo-Maggetti

Our work on behalf of the community is funded through grants and donations from generous people like you. Thank you!

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