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Cat’s Whisker and other Ham Radio Stories


This film conveys the spirit and expression of amateur “ham” radio from the 1950s to the present day. After reading “The World of Ham Radio” by Richard Bartlett, we were inspired to contact amateur radio enthusiasts from San Francisco to Salinas and invite them to share their stories on camera. Each has embraced ham radio from a unique background and area of interest. Their stories have a common thread—the far-reaching impact of amateur radio on world history—from the evolution of radio and wireless technologies and the exploration of the world’s most remote regions, to the effective response to emergencies and disasters, and the practice of international good will.

David Packard.jpg


Eric Hilding K6VVA.jpg

Eric Hilding-  K6VVA

Dan McCranie AA6GG.jpg

Dan McCranie - AA6GG

Kristin McIntyre K6WX.jpg

Kristin McIntyre - K6WX

Heatherly Takeuchi N6HKT.jpg

Heather Takeuchi - N6HKT

Jim Tripp WA6DIJ.jpg

Jim Tripp - WA6DIJ

Filmmaker Team:

Kathy Sullivan - Executive Producer.png

Kathy Sullivan

Executive Producer

Boyd McCollum_edited.png

Boyd McCollum

Assistant Film Editor

Robin Shepherd RS.jpeg

Robin Shepherd,

Writer, Director and Producer

Selah Productions

Bobby Kwong.jpg

Bobby Kwong

Camera Assistant


Nils Myers, Cinematographer

and Film Editor

152 West Productions

Amaobi Ajawara

Sound Recordist

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