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Día De Los Muertos Community Altars At Villa Mira Monte

Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is an annual tradition that originated centuries ago with the indigenous peoples of what is now the Mexican Territories. Dia De Los Muertos honors and celebrates
departed loved ones and ancestors. By sharing family stories and memories, present generations keep the spirit of their departed friends and loved ones alive.

Dia De Los Muertos honors and celebrates departed loved ones and ancestors. It is a time for sharing stories and memories so present generations can keep the spirit of the departed alive.

“Day of the Dead rituals in homes share two predominant features, the making of altars and the offering of gifts. The altar is considered a sacred place where the living show their love for the dead and co-exist with them for a time in memory. Belongings, flowers and food are all placed around and on the altar, and many members of the community participate in the ceremony.”  

  – Mary J. Andrade, Day of the Dead A Passion for Life.


This year the Morgan Hill Historical Society will be hosting several community altars at the Villa Mira Monte site. The community may come and contribute up to 3 expendable offerings (ofrendas) to our altars.

There will be several alters available for the community to share, on Saturday October 29th, and Sunday, October 30th, between the hours of 12:00 pm -3:00 pm

The altars will be on the grounds leading up to the Morgan Hill House on the Villa Mira Monte site, at 17860 Monterey Road, Morgan Hill, CA.

Come and contribute to our Community Altars and take some time remembering those who have departed. Stay and learn a little more about the traditions and history behind constructing an altar for Dia De Los Muertos.

  • Free children activities provided.

  • Any items placed on the altars will not be returned, copies of photographs only please.  

  • Even though this event is outside, please bring a mask for use within any of our buildings.


To learn more about Dia de los Muertos traditions, visit
For your copy of Mary Andrade’s book, visit BookSmart of Morgan Hill.


Interested in creating a Dia De Los Muertos Altar at home click here.

For the Day of the Dead Bread – Pan de Muerto recipe click here.

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