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Morgan Hill Historical Society Pandemic Project *


The Morgan Hill Historical Society would like your help in creating a record for future generations of the Covid-19 pandemic within our city. If you would like to help:


  1. Fill out the Pandemic Project donation form (click here), list your submittals, and sign it. Donor’s permission is required for Museum use of submittals.

  2. Follow pandemic rules to stop infections and stay safe!

  3. Submit via: or U.S. mail to Morgan Hill Historical Society, Pandemic Project, P.O. Box 1258, Morgan Hill, CA 95038-1258 (do not use our street address). 

  4. Submissions may be used in exhibits, on Facebook, or the Society’s website.

What better record could we have than what all of you have seen and experienced? So here are a few examples of things within Morgan Hill that you, your family and friends can record for future generations.


  • Photos of long lines at any MH stores or distribution sites.

  • Photos of the social distance signs and how they are or are not being followed.

  • Photos of empty shelves or over loaded shopping carts. 

  • Photos of businesses that are shuttered due to the pandemic or restaurants that are advertising To Go Only, or businesses that are closing due to the pandemic. 

  • Photos of churches or other groups holding outdoor services, or a screen shot of an organization’s home page showing changes due to the pandemic.

  • Photos of relatives, friends or neighbors working from home or children involved in remote learning.  What age and what school do they attend?

  • Senior centers and assisted living, Doctor’s offices or other care centers showing accommodations that have been made.

  • Have someone take a photos of the testing or vaccination process.

  • Family photos with all in masks. Or social gatherings that exhibit true or unique social distancing.

  • Has anyone in your family written an essay or paragraph for school regarding changes due to the pandemic that you or the teacher can share with us?

  • An organization that has taken on a special project during the pandemic (making masks, food drives, senior calling circles, or Zoom meetings). Ask them to tell us their story.

If you know someone who doesn’t think the pandemic is real, that it is over blown or someone that is anti-mask or anti-vaccination, let them know that we are interested in recording their point of view. We are also interested in stories of anyone who has had the disease or has known someone who has died from it. Thank you for your efforts on behalf of the Morgan Hill Historical Society. 


Go get those stories and pictures, historians!

* This idea and some verbiage, come directly from our friends at the Gilroy Museum, with their permission.

Click to download the Pandemic Project Donation Form.

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