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March 31st proclaimed Cesar Chavez Day in Morgan Hill

We thank Morgan Hill Mayor Rich Constantine and City Council members for proclaiming March 31st as annual Cesar Chavez Day in the City of Morgan Hill. Cesar Chavez Day was first proclaimed as a California state holiday (2000), then as a national holiday (2014).

Cesar Chavez (1977). Photo credit: Cathy Murphy, Getty Images

Cesar Chavez

Cesar devoted his life to fighting for the rights of migrant farm workers, without whom we wouldn’t have the agricultural bounty our region enjoys. He teamed up with Larry Itliong and Dolores Huerta to establish the United Farm Workers and take the fight for social justice all the way to the White House. The message he shared — Sí, Se Pueda! — is more relevant than ever.

In our 2019 “Stories from the Past” documentary film, we had the honor to interview Cesar’s sister, Rita Chavez Medina, who spoke of his positive influence on her life. Watch it now.



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