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Learning from and Honoring Our Indigenous Neighbors

The Amah Mutsun Land Trust reached out recently to let us know of their current opening for a Native Plant Program Assistant. This is an important role in their work as stewards of the land. We hope they find the ideal candidate. For more information or to apply for this position visit the AMLT website.

Hearing about their search led us to pause and reflect on things we’ve learned from the Amah Mutsun tribal band of the Ohlone indigenous peoples. Villa Mira Monte and surrounding lands to the north, south, east and west are part of their ancestral territory dating back thousands of years. We are adopting ways to acknowledge them such as:

Indigenous knowledge, cultivation and use of California native plants holds increasing significance in cultural and environmental practices today.

This is evident in productive collaborations of the Amah Mutsun with the University of California and other partners. We look forward to building relationships and learning good stewardship of the land alongside our indigenous neighbors.



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