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The Black History Project at MHHS

Get to know Kwanzaa

December 26th thru– January 1st

The Marcom & Media team at the Morgan Hill Historical Society is honored to announce the formation of The Black History Project. Members of the new Project envision an inspired network led by local Black residents to encourage the discovery, preservation and sharing of Black history with the people of Morgan Hill, Coyote, Madrone and San Martin. The Historical Society is excited to support Project efforts within the context of our mission. Stay tuned for more details in 2022.

Meanwhile, Black History Project Coordinator Patrice Lyn and her team have identified a unique video program about the origin, meaning, and practice of Kwanzaa, which takes place December 26th through January 1st every year. If you don’t already know Patrice, she’s involved in education, serves on Morgan Hill’s Library Culture and Arts Commission, and is a member of AAUW. Read Lyn’s reviews of Kwanzaa books for children on our website.

With increased awareness of this uplifting African American cultural tradition, families will gain a deeper understanding and connection to our heritage. Kwanzaa is a time for young and old to share an experience that honors the past, reflects on the present and invites good intentions and ideas for community-building in the future.

The video is narrated by Bamidele Agbasegbe-Demerson, Chief Curator of the African American Museum and Library at Oakland (AAMLO). He provides an authentic description of the symbols and principles that are central to Kwanzaa. Throughout his narration, you’ll enjoy the incredible and relaxing music of two artists, Yomoti and Amber Spill.



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