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How We Celebrated Historic Preservation Month

May was National Historic Preservation Month, and our amazing partners at the Morgan Hill Steve Tate Library invited us to provide a workshop to the community. We offered three!

First up, Mandy Santiago and the uber creative folks at Colibri Art & Framing presented an informative talk on framing and preserving historic and heirloom documents, artwork and other artifacts. The team at Colibri is not only talented when it comes to matting and framing, but they can advise customers about the properties of paper, ink, paint and glass that go together to help keep treasured items looking their best over time.

Morgan Hill History Museum Director, Kathy Devine, followed with a demonstration of how an historic exhibit is developed from start to finish. Kathy brings her passion for history and her knowledge of curation and archival best practices to the ongoing development of a variety of history exhibits for the History Museum.

Robin Shepherd and the MHHS Media team hosted a documentary film screening and discussion of History Makers: Celebrating 50+ Years of Historic Preservation and Community Engagement. It was a great opportunity to connect our local residents with the story of Villa Mira Monte. This beautiful history park continues to attract visitors today, thanks to the sustained commitment and contributions of many volunteers and local organizations.

We invite you to visit, become a member, and enjoy history with us!



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