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Reflecting on Freedom - Morgan Hill Parade Lives On

Proving once again that everyone loves a parade, Morgan Hill celebrated the Fourth of July with a phenomenally popular tradition known as Freedom Fest. The 146-year-old event started out as a parade and evolved into a grand event. This year, thousands of people lined the streets of downtown Morgan Hill to experience Freedom Fest together, creating a lively mosaic of red, white and blue. It was a wonderful occasion that inspired many to reflect on what freedom means.

Freedom Fest spectators were treated to a parade with hundreds of participants from dozens of schools and community organizations, classic cars, competitive runners, live music and street dancing, Morgan Hill students singing patriotic songs, a tribute to military veterans, and a spectacular fireworks show.

A common theme emerged from the buzz of conversations among parade-goers. Freedom is a precious thing. Take freedom for granted and we risk losing it. Treasure freedom—in our thoughts, words and actions—and we have the best chance of preserving it. Real freedom doesn’t divide us, it binds us together.

While you’re enjoying your morning coffee, take a few minutes to browse the pages of the Freedom Fest program (expertly designed by J. Chris Mickartz). It’s a testament to our community’s dedication to the time-honored celebration of freedom.

Bookmark in your web browser and if you aren’t already a Freedom Fest volunteer, sponsor or fan, make 2023 your year to join up.

Never read the Declaration of Independence or talked about it with your family or friends? Here’s your chance:

Learn more about how Morgan Hill Historical Society serves our community today.



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